What is the difference between a Manufactured Home and a Modular Home?

California law distinguishes between Manufactured and Modular Homes by the building codes to which Manufactured Homes and Modular Homes must comply. Manufactured Homes are built in a factory and must comply with the National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, a uniform code administered and enforced by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Modular Homes or Factory-Built Homes are constructed to comply with California’s various Uniform Building Codes (UBC) and as of January 2008, the International Residential Code (IRC).  Both Manufactured and Modular Homes have the following characteristics:

  1. Built in a factory;
  2. Built in sections;
  3. Transported to your home site in sections; &
  4. Joined together at the home site.

A Manufactured Home has the following characteristics:

  1. Built to comply with to a Federal building code, called the HUD code;
  2. Built on a non-removal steel chassis;
  3. Placed on non-permanent or permanent foundations;
  4. Delivered to parks (manufactured home communities) or private property (land/home).

A Modular Home has the following characteristics:

  1. Built to comply with state and local building codes, UBC, and IRC;
  2. Built “On-Frame” and/or “Off-Frame;”
  3. Modular Homes typically have more financing options available than Manufactured Homes;
  4. Delivered to private property and placed on a permanent foundation.

What types of architectural styles are available for Manufactured and Modular Homes?

Manufactured and Modular Homes come in a wide variety of architectural styles, with features such as: cement fiber and stucco siding; tile roofs or composition shingles; and a choice of different window sizes and shapes. Homebuyers also have their choice of a wide variety of floor plans, amenities, options and upgrades. Interiors can feature spacious living rooms with vaulted ceilings, 9 foot ceilings, kitchens with breakfast nooks, formal dining rooms, and master suites with walk- in closets.

Where can we place a Manufactured Home?

In 1982, state law mandated that Manufactured Homes be allowed in any lot zoned for residential use. There are also manufactured housing communities (parks) throughout the U.S.

Can we place a manufactured or modular home on my property as a secondary dwelling, guesthouse, or “granny flat?”

Yes, you can in many circumstances. Oftentimes customers interchange second dwelling, guesthouse, granny flat, etc., but actually your respective city or county regulations define these types of dwellings differently. IDEAL can help you on the differences. First, we want to check the zoning of the property, your set backs, your waste and water situation, and delivery accessibility.

How much are Manufactured and Modular Homes per square foot?

Both Manufactured and Modular Homes range approximately $55 to $120 per square foot.  This pricing is a wide range and site preparation in addition to the home cost and increase the total price significantly . However, today’s homebuyer has a lot of control on your cost of the home.  Price varies based on the size of the home, the manufacturer, amenities, factory options, and the delivery access to the property.

What are factory options?

Factory options are any items not standard in the manufactured and/or modular home. Typically, amenities such as fireplaces, sprinkler systems, sky lights, mirrored wardrobe doors, upgraded appliances, upgraded carpet styles, tile, granite, corian or quartz on kitchen counter tops, etc. are factory options.

Is financing available for Manufactured Homes?

Yes, financing is available for manufactured homes.  Manufactured Homes have private property Land/Home packages and loans for homes in Manufactured Home Communities (parks). Reverse mortgages which require no monthly mortgage payments are available for many seniors who quality.

Do I have to own land before I can buy a Manufactured Home?

No, you do not have to already own the land. You can purchase property and the Manufactured Home at the same time. However, if you do already own land, it could make the process easier.

Is Sequoia a manufactured home dealer?

Yes, Sequoia is a design/builder working with select manufactured home dealers to offer homes from a variety of manufacturers. Sequoia is a dealer licensed by HCD in California.