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Replace Your Manufactured Home

With No Upfront Cash And

No Monthly Mortgage Payment

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Many mobile homeowners would like to purchase a replacement manufactured home but don’t have the ability to come up with the cash required. Sequoia works with qualified owners so they can buy a brand new home with no upfront cash and, for many, no future monthly mortgage payments!

Sequoia’s Manufactured Home Replacement program helps existing homeowners who enjoy where they live and desire a new manufactured home but lack easy access to upfront funds to pay for the purchase and installation. We handle everything. All you do is arrange your temporary relocation and the storage of your personal property during construction.

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How The Program Works

Home Replacement – Step By Step

Step 1. Make the decision to live in a new manufactured home. Consider value, quality of life, energy savings and maintenance costs.

Step 2. Pre-qualify for Sequoia’s Home Replacement Program. Sequoia will help determine what the value of your new home will be and what your permanent mortgage financing options are.

Step 3. Design your dream home. Work with Sequoia’s design specialist to choose the make and model, floor plan and features of your new home.

Step 4. Sequoia orders your new home. We pay the dealer/factory so you can hang on to your cash. We arrange for the haul off your old home, the site preparation and the construction. Permits, registration are all managed by Sequoia with no cash outlay from you.

Step 5. Take a vacation or visit friends or family. While your home is under construction, you move out and store your personal property.

Step 6. Move back in and unpack. When your new home is complete, move back in, cook in your new state-of-the -art kitchen, relax on your new patio or porch and sleep soundly in your new bedroom. Enjoy lower energy costs, less maintenance and improved storage.

Step 7. Complete your permanent financing. When your pre-qualified mortgage is in place, Sequoia is paid off. If you selected a reverse mortgage you live in your new home free of monthly mortgage payments.

Improve Your Property Values & Equity:

Some senior homeowners choose a reverse mortgage to pay off their new home if it is their primary residence. Reverse mortgages require no monthly mortgage payment (property taxes, HOA fees and insurance are the owner’s responsibility). People who qualify for this option move in with no cash out-of-pocket and then reside in the home with no monthly mortgage payments!

Homeowner and property qualifications exist. Your property should be free and clear and you must qualify for a mortgage after the home is replaced. The home must be your primary residence if you desire an FHA mortgage or a reverse mortgage. Sequoia’s Manufactured Home Replacement Program often improves property values and equity.

Here’s an example:

Land Value: $100,000
Home Replacement: $180,000
Completed Appraised Value: $360,000
Reverse Mortgage Proceeds: $180,000
Cash Required from Home Owner: $0.00
Monthly Mortgage Payment: $0.00

“Sequoia is a design/builder working with select manufactured home dealers to offer homes from a variety of manufacturers. Sequoia is not a dealer licensed by HCD in California. Sequoia purchases all homes from manufactured home dealers who are licensed by HCD to sell manufactured homes in the State of California.”